The Love Dare – Day 5

2 thoughts on “The Love Dare – Day 5”

  1. So true, men and women are built completely different, I try to remember this when I feel like I got a defect in my husband. Lol. His list of things about me that is annoying would probably be something like: im too petty, very stubborn, I don’t listen to him, I play mind games/word games around his arguments and confuse him, and finally I purposely dismantle his manhood LOL maybe I’ll ask him myself later lol

    1. Oh my gosh – I got a good chuckle from your list!!! I feel like a couple of those could have ended up on my list too but the challenge said 5, soooo, 5 it was. LOL! I’m not sure though, did you want to open that can of worms?! LOL!

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