The Love Dare – Day 3


After reviewing the challenge this morning, it was like “OH!” (exciting) to “Ohhhhh…” (this is going to be a little harder than I thought). Why is shopping for men so difficult? And this guy has everything but hobby items that are just WAAAAYYYYY too expensive for today’s challenge. I went through several bouts of what to buy; scrolled through instagram to find ideas, rampantly searched through Amazon, etc… I mentally exhausted myself. Really, I was racking my brain searching hard for an idea.

I did have one thing that came to mind but it was probably a bit cheesy that I waived it off. Ok – so a quirk I have is making purchases practical, affordable and necessary (hence the picnic basket tiff. LOL!). My husband is usually the same. Lord knows how many times I’ve had to make returns. LOL!

I realized what he loved nowadays is his truck. Seriously. It’s not even a joke. When he’s in his truck, he talks about his truck. When he’s inside the house, he talks about his truck. When he’s inside the store, he talks about his truck. Truckity, truck, truck….. (It’s a 2500 Dodge Laramie, for anyone who’s wondering.)

Let me keep this short and simple, I bought him a protective seat cover for the back of his truck (We’ll see how he likes it). Since we just adopted two puppy dogs – one is a Belgian Malinois and the other is a flippin’ chihuahua – I figured, it would be a useful item and also help him protect his beloved truck from all the wear and tear it’s going to experience.

One thought that did cross my mind is how much more I need to study about my man! LOL. I feel like I know him pretty well but considering I took a lot of time today to figure out what to get him – I think it’s time to go back to the drawing board! Or something. I guess, that would make sense considering we’re always growing and evolving.

OH, I feel inspired seeing a new side of relationship building. How interesting………………………………………….

Friends, I’m going to call it a night. Looks like I have to prepare for tomorrow’s challenge!

Adieu! – Mainhia

Catch up with me tomorrow! Late night posts will see you in the morning. XOXO!

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