My 2020 Reflection

It’s January 1, 2021. Looking back into 2020, it was definitely about surrendering. On the big picture of the world and politics – everyone hated being confined at home because of the ongoing pandemic and told we “couldn’t” by big government. On the small picture of me and my house/home/family – we were minimally affected, and for that, I am absolutely grateful. Surrendering really put so many things into perspective for me and I hope you have come out better too.

In my heart, I know that living is a temporary experience and what I hope to have at the end of my life is having memories and not things. I want all the things money cannot buy. I can understand that in this world, we are fueled by money because without money, how can you “make” the memories/experiences — like traveling, happen. I understand that society measures you to what you can achieve, how that manifests in your salary then ends up being how you’re seen as valuable; I have to question, will those things truly complete your soul? Is it truly worth the blood, sweat, tears and time? For me, no. If this life is temporary, then what is the real point of living?

2020 has forced many of us to take a look into what is no longer serving us. That year forced us to skim down to the essentials and shifted our lives and our mindsets. Truly causing an unintentional awakening – isn’t that something?!

People often say it’s your mindset (aka focus) that dictates where you end up in life. I half agree to this. The reason being that you can choose to change your mind at ANY given second so, your will to keep that “mindset” is pretty volatile. There are also other factors that come into play that affect how you choose a mindset as well. It’s a fickle idea to place your future solely on ONE focus for the rest of your life. That doesn’t make any sense — you are not a robot that works in a menial, one-track operating system. (Makes sense that people never stick to their New Year resolutions right?) You are a human being that is unbounded by talent, intelligence and reasoning. You are incomprehensible.

Take that last sentence in…..


That, to me, is a good thing.

It’s good to have a mindset but not when it is a taxing. When we combine the thoughts of the mind to the feelings of the heart, there is a vortex created that confuses what the intent of your actions are. How about we stop trying to force ourselves to do unnatural things that conflict with what actually brings us peace?

Seriously, have you ever thought about that question?


Peace in all senses of your being. I mean, no matter where you are and no matter what happens, “YOU’RE GOOD”, you are “unshaken”. Have you established this? If not, I invite you to take a magnified look into this realm of thought.

For me, 2020, was a realization that I am on track and making the right decisions; that I am doing the most things right (not perfect) and balancing as I go. I am grateful knowing that where I am is all part of the journey and to enjoy it – the good and the bad – because it will pass as swiftly as it came. Those are things money can’t buy; the lessons in life that are earned through living life to its fullest. Being able to continue to experience small wonders that make the bigger picture – (for me – being able to work from home and be with my kiddos!) 2020 will not be forgotten. Instead, it will be marked by remembrance that our lives can change so radically and to be grateful for all we have (even toilet paper).

I hope you continually learn to surrender yourself so that what must grow from you finally takes root. Wishing you strong faith and abundance in this new year.

Now, let’s move to 2021! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “My 2020 Reflection

  1. Hi! I did not realize you left a comment here. Thanks for the input – but I’m not sure what video you are talking about? For certain, I will definitely be putting together more informative reads. Thank you for your time being here and your feedback! 🙂

  2. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

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