Dear World

It’s been a LONG time since I have written anything. Life just seems a more distant pace since the pandemic overtook the world. One month, I’m planning a cruise vacation, the next I’m cancelling it. The world has slowed down yet is still electrically charged with human emotions vibrating the Earth beneath us. A semi-melancholy feel but with hope for the future that all things will fall exactly as it needs to. 

Since March, it’s been refreshing here in my home to slow down and know there’s no rush to go anywhere or do anything. I’ve picked up gardening as a hobby, my job has transitioned to mostly tele-work and I am just rather grateful for all I have been blessed with. My kids have also re- accustomed themselves to home school (my kids have been home-schooled for 3 years prior). They’re not missing the home-school life but the ease of living is most notable. (My 9 year old has become a “Battle Royale” player on Fortnite; my 13 year old graduated from 8th grade with a 4.0 and enjoys peace time with anything related to art.) We’re just going through the motions like everyone else. In this little bubble of ours, we still know though what’s going on in the world. 

World….We see you hurting. We see you dealing. We see you trying to make these unprecedented times the best they can be. We see you loving. We see you caring. We see you fighting. We see you hoping. We see you going through it all. 

World….there will be a moment when we are all able to breathe again. We will be able to see changes. We will be able to see a clearer future for us all. We will find our strength in one another again; when the anger and tears subside, when there is a small moment to glimpse empathy, when we are able to feel our humanity come back. Slowly but surely.

In this rather short post, I send you my deepest well wishes and hopes that you take care of each other as each other is all we have.

Love well, my friends. 



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