“Good people bring out the good IN people”

I want to introduce & celebrate with you a handful of people who have influenced me from both near and far. I sincerely admire these individuals for their zest and life purpose. They come from different walks of life and serve people from their heart – it is a refreshing authenticity. In the list below and in no particular order, I have the individuals tagged for your reference. I hope to capture the essence of what these people do and what they can do for you or someone you know:

Zoua Vang – I met her 3 years ago, onboarding as a life agent. From the outside, she’s a wife and mother, raising a family. But from the core, Zoua is an educator. She actually left her teaching career to run a business full-time in the financial industry.  For the last 10 years, Zoua has grown business leaders alike, from hundreds of backgrounds and from all 50 states, who (like many of us) know they want more from life. From her, I learned what it meant to succeed in business – it’s almost scary! Lol!!! Seriously, running a business is not for the meek! But she can show you how even if you are. She truly glows “boss lady” from head to toe. Plus, she can show you how to financially secure your family for the next 120 years (and into the next generation.) Pure genius! P.S. Her husband is her business partner – they are a humble but tenacious power couple. Who doesn’t love a great partnership like this?!

Andre “Mammxth” Shaw – This guy! He’s been a longtime friend since junior high (I know! He’s sooo old! Jk, Dre!). He always loved art, specifically inspired by hip hop & graffiti. I remember Dre taking advantage of the gym floor during HS rallies. It was always so much fun watching him (along side many of his friends) pop, break dance and woo the crowd. He was a free spirit and definitely not one you can back into a corner (except now, I’m sure his beautiful wife can do it. LOL!) One day, I asked Andre to “tag” (loose slang definition for “leave your mark/signature”) my backpack, purchased paint pens (begged my dad BIG time for these, they were NOT cheap) and all. I still have this backpack – 17 yrs later. It’s falling apart some but the paintwork still exists (and the rest is history.) If you want to know, I’m literally 5’0″ so rightfully nicknamed “Shorty” in HS. So yes, as a sponge cake in my pubescent years, I had this tagged on my backpack. He went on to do several others after mine. I mean, custom work in HS for me was a big deal and especially finding the right person to do it (who’s also your friend!) Fast forward, he not only serves others with his artistic gift but also volunteers his time while raising a family. Check out his custom artwork – it’s wearable, unique and designed only for you! Amazing right?!

Canna Campbell – Yas! This American girl loves this Australian woman! I discovered Canna on YouTube a few years ago while I was going through a major hardship in my life. I was just discovering my love for finances, minimalism & self-development. Then, here is Canna, connecting so many dots for me about all that. She shares what it means to have healthy money habits, importance of passive income & her personal values about purposeful fashion. She wrote the book, “The $1,000 Project” based on her experience of growing $1,000.00 then moving that to fund whatever goals she has. She has inspired thousands on working with what you have, then turning it around and making it work for you. Check out her book on Audible too!!! Canna is uber chic, intelligent and down to Earth!  I’m sure you can carry away tons of helpful pro-tips from her.  P.S. Her son, Rocco, is just darling! You can tell, Canna works so hard to give him the best life imaginable. Love emanates from her every actions.

Aileen Xu – She is like an old soul, full of wisdom. Never have I been captivated by a soft-spoken individual! I can watch her YouTube videos from one to the next. They’re all insightful – full of meaningful tips and messages. When I was just learning about minimalism, I stumbled across Aileen’s video on the (now extra famous) #konmari folding method. It’s now been viewed over 1.3 MILLION times. She created “The Artist of Life” workbook to help you dive into a deeper “you” and unlock your next level of growth. She shares openly as if she was your older sister, having your back and giving you life lessons on how to do and be your best at all times. Also as a trademark, her hair colors change so if you’re wandering through her vids, yes, that’s all one woman. Sweet ain’t she?! Gotta love her!

Shaunna Nunes – Last but not least, my newfound friend! I was a referral for eyebrow work by another friend. I had microblading previously done the year before and new it was time for a refresh. Just when I followed Shaunna on IG, she all of a sudden shares that she was moving. OMG! I never booked an appointment so fast in my life! (You’d think she was my doctor if you saw me in action! 🤣) Just check out her work on IG, you’ll understand. She has been an artist all her life and while it’s been a driving force of her creative nature, she doesn’t stop there. She has taken her talent to beautify women all over Greater Sacramento and now spanning into Southern CA. Now that’s called “leaving glitter wherever you go!”

This is a simple token of my appreciation to these people who not only serve others but truly share a piece of themselves in everything they do. To me, these are the ultimate combination of “dreamers & doers”. It definitely takes a lot of heart. Many of us can still glean a thing or more from such inspiring individuals.

Good thing there’s good people who can guide you along.


Check out their pages, videos, posts, books, YouTube and everything you can get into. So much goodness all around. XOXO Friends!!!! (Don’t forget me too!)

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