“The She”

It was inevitable that I would end up here, on a blogging site. I love to write. There’s nothing like manifesting words from thoughts, though it is such a process, the benefits are soul cleansing and revitalizing.

My newest obsession is watching calligraphy videos. It is beautiful and captivating. Plainly, the artist is just writing. But to me, it is the equivalent to an ASMR lover’s amusement in absorbing the sensation of sounds like teeth on hard candy. Yes, just like that.

As a kid, amusement was whatever I could conjure up in some empty spaces of time – a little after homework until just before dinner. If my little sister was not up to playing princess or something, I’d resort to drawing or writing. I remember this “Mulan” diary I kept. Unfortunately, a recent adult version of that young girl found that diary, unlocked, read then trashed it. But it was for her own good – there wasn’t much, to be honest. Just some pent up frustration that ended up on fuchsia lined pages adorned with cherry blossoms; scribbles of puppy love, frustration about learning how to wash rice, growing up (a dork) – really, it was sooooo for that young girl’s good. I did chuckle a little – what a knucklehead.

But the passion for writing never stopped. It slowed, but never stopped.

Today, books, pens, planners, notebooks, scrapbooks…books, books, books are planted at my bedside. Within arm’s length, I always find something to get into. I pledged myself as a student of life and learned not to take everything so seriously. So I cruise along, sweeping up knowledge, reading what I can and cultivating “good” behaviors.

Naturally, I find myself in conversation of just about anything. I squawk and squabble for fun just because my mouth runs faster that I realize; living in the moment has its perks. I truly favor those boring, intellectual conversations the most. I can sit with one person for hours, talking about nothing and something. I am a fanatic of people’s intelligence. Though I sense some have been dropped one too many times as an infant, it is nice to see from where they look up too. (Oh c’mon, that was funny!).

Anyhow, there’s something to be said about the shadow where the pen sits; let us find out where the sway of the ball leads us. So, here I turn a new page and seek exactly what this site is all about – good company and how “The She” gains it.

Please, don’t be afraid to use that email. It’s actually quite empty so I have plenty of space until Google says, “no more”. Fill it up! I would love to here from you, or not. Just depends. 😜 Jk.

We will hang out at the next post! Take care until then. 🤗 – Mainhia


4 thoughts on ““The She”

  1. I’ve only recently started revving up my blog again because for some reason I thought posting once in a blue moon would be enough to gain me international fame lol just kidding, I’ve been meaning to write more and this pandemic is getting the creative juices to flow more freely! Enjoying your blog so far!

    1. Haha! If only it worked like that.

      And Wow!!! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I really do wish you a great adventure as you rediscover your passion for writing. Looking forward to your upcoming blogs!

  2. Eloquent, humorous, and thoughtfully written. Yes, I did find your joke funny. 😄 I can’t wait to ready more!

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