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A Crazy Bible Study Method

There’s a million ways to study the Bible, but have you ever wondered why what you read just doesn’t “stick”? Mainly, because it’s BORING; there’s no application to what we are reading in real time and it’s harder to have something stick especially when there’s nothing it’s sticking to. The Bible is not meant to […]

The Love Dare – Day 12

1:11am. I have been missing my blog. It’s not an ideal time to be writing but it’s one of those nights where I felt it was a good time to revisit; throw some hands on the keys and pound away my thoughts a little. The last entry I had was for Day 9 – 10 […]

The Love Dare – Day 9, Day 10, & Day 11

Eeks!!! After some heavy consideration – and hoping not to cheapen my posts – I reviewed Days 9, 10 and 11’s challenges and they seem to mesh together so it was a better idea to actually combine them. My responses were about the same in note. So, after my return from my trip, I did […]

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